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Love Me Two Times

The Doors slash
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All Members , Moderated
This is a community for the fans of The Doors slash. If you find the idea revolting, offensive and altogether wrong, don't enter.

Writing slash fanfiction is our way of expressing our love for The Doors. We do not wish to claim that anything happening in these fics ever happened to the actual members of the band, nor do we wish to be disrespectful to them in any way. We're just having fun.

What we post here:
* fics of course. Any ratings allowed. Crossovers with other bands are welcome.
* pictures of The Doors
* fanart
* general discussions about the slashiness of the Doors.

* place fics and large images under the lj-cut
* use some sort of spell-check or ask someone to beta your fic before you post it. No texts like than jim thot ogodogd Nad fell ot the windo
* friendly discussions and constructive criticism are good. Verbal abuse and spam are very, very bad and will be deleted
* if you want to advertise, e-mail me for permission first. And it has to be Doors related

When you post a fic, the section above the cut should look like this:
Title: what your fic is called
Pairing: who your fic is about
Rating: what it's rated
Wordcount: how many words there are
Warning: if you think the fic contains something that could shock your readers (no, you don't have to point out it's slash)
Summary: what goes on in your fic so that the readers know what to expect.

Our affiliates:
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a_kiss_away - Rolling Stones slash
smiths_slash - Smiths Slash Fanfiction

led zeppelin slash!

If you've got a band slash community, and you'd like to exchange links with me, e-mail me :)